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First, we will take a look at Professor Mary Abdoney and her digital footprint. A Florida native born in 1977 and attended H.B. Plant High School. Following that, Professor Abdoney studied at the University of Florida earning a Bachelor of Arts in Anthropology in 1999. She returned to school at University of South Florida and received a Master of Library and Information Science in 2001. This led her to become an Associate Professor and Research and Instruction Coordinator at Washington and Lee. She earned tenure after 6 years of vigilant work in 2012. From the numerous posts on various platforms, she loves anything and everything that has to do with libraries, so her job suits her very well. On her Twitter, viewers can come to the conclusion that she is an avid feminist, anti-racist, Elizabeth Warren supporting, liberal woman. She has a husband and a marriage of equality with both her and her husband contributing in different ways. She often can be found advocating for the LGBTQ+ community and the dismantling of the patriarchy. Outside of politics, she truly enjoys her desserts, Legos, gardening, and knitting/sewing. She has a cat and definitely provides her followers with a lot of cat content. 

Professor Elizabeth Teaff: 

Next up is Professor Elizabeth Teaff. She hails from Columbus, Ohio and was born in 1974. No surprise here but she is an Ohio State fan (thank you Facebook!). She attended Gloversville High School and then went on to study Library & Information Science at the University of South Carolina at Columbia, the State University of New York at Potsdam, and then Studied Studio Art at Fulton–Montgomery Community College. This led her to become an associate professor and Head of Access Services. She also is a part of the Digital Culture and Information (DCI) Program, and Research and Instruction Services. In addition to all of this, she is the Liaison for Art, Art History, Film Studies, and Theatre & Dance at Washington and Lee. She began working here in 2003. She thoroughly enjoys nature, especially flowers. She is not married but she does own a cat. Politically, Professor Teaff does not reveal much but from her Facebook viewers can learn that she is an LGBTQ+ ally.  

This blog post was super interesting to write because it really made me realize how much the internet stores about each person. It made me think of our digital footprint readings ( and I thought it was interesting to see how big or small a footprint can be. Professor Abdoney has left an incredibly large digital footprint of herself on the internet. You can find almost everything about her through her Instagram, LinkedIn, blog, and Facebook. Professor Teaff on the other hand has a smaller digital footprint. Obviously, she has plenty of information about herself, but it is mainly basic milestone information. It doesn’t contain as many personal thoughts as feelings. 

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